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Car Smash Repairs

Whether you need a dent taken car of from the shopping mall trolley that got away from you, or a full smash car repair, why wait a minute longer when we have a FREE EXCESS* special offer and we can provide a hire car for you.

We can arrange a modern hire car while your car is being repaired! Just call one of our friendly staff today and we will help you.


Total Car Resprays

Need a work van or utes for tradies? We have loan vans & utes available whilst your vehicle is being repaired - it doesn't get better than that!

Just call one of our friendly staff today and we can explain how the process works to get your car back to new as soon as possible with minimal inconvenience to you, your work and your family!


Paintless Dent Removal

Whether you have been putting off repairing the dent because you are busy, or you now want to sell your car and you want it to look its very best, paintless dent removal is an option you can take advantage of.

As a quick, low cost solution, paintless dent removal will also give you peace of mind we don't need to repaint a whole panel. Call us to find out more.


Car Restoration

Car restoration is not for the faint hearted, you have to be dedicated and have the time to painstakingly restore your beautiful car, one step at a time. Most car restorers wouldn't have it any other way. Smash Masters can help you with this task.

We are happy to work with your timetable to ensure a smooth workflow for your job, and enjoy the outcome as much as you do.


Truck Smash Repairs

The worst part of having your truck in the repair shop is the lost time working. Here at Smash Masters we accommodate all large truck and commercial vehicles at our our flagship Geelong super repair workshop, now expanded to take care of big trucks comfortably.

Low cost solutions, quick turnaround times, efficient paperwork handling, we do it all at Smash Masters panel beaters. We work with your insurance company directly to ensure your have a hassle free experience getting your truck repaired.


Fleet Car Management

Fleet car management is a speciality and we have the convenient management software to offer our fleet clients which enables us to keep corporate clients up to date as to the progress of the fleet car repairs and maintenance.

Just give one of our friendly staff a call and we can arrange a meeting at a convenient time to discuss your fleet car management requirements.