Are you a driving instructor? Read on to discover the brand new service from Smash Masters Collision Repair designed exclusively for you.

Learning to drive a car is a milestone in every young person’s life. There’s a lot to remember, learn and think about as you grasp how to manage the vehicle, negotiate traffic, steer and change gear. Most people choose to learn with a qualified instructor and these people, just like you, supply their own vehicle for the lessons, fitted with dual pedals. These cars allow the teacher to take over controls if necessary when something goes wrong. But what is the perfect car to learn to drive in?

At the end of the day, there is no one car which outperforms others. Each make and model handles differently and students adapt to whichever vehicle they first drive in. However, every driving instructor should make sure that their vehicle is in good working order. From perfectly pumped tyres to well-maintained brakes, learning to drive in a fully functional vehicle is the most important thing a learner can ask for. The addition of dual controls can not only make nervous new drivers feel more relaxed but also minimise the risk of an accident. When a mistake is made, the dual pedals allow driving instructors to avoid collisions with other road users.

Cars that are problematic to drive are bad for learners. Old cars with slow acceleration, poor braking mechanisms and a troublesome engine are bad choices for new drivers. Rather than focusing on handling the vehicle on the road, these other issues take precedent and divert their attention. Driving instructors with cars in good condition are likely to be more popular with young drivers and considered safer by parents who are looking to choose a responsible instructor for their child.

If you’re a driving instructor, you’ll know how important it is to regularly perform maintenance checks and carry out work on your car. In order to make sure that the vehicle is safe and in full working order as soon as your next learner sits down, we recommend you take your car to a repair shop every three months for a full service. This is more regular than a car kept for personal use but learner cars do many more kilometres week to week. The only problem for you, however, is that your learner car is fitted with dual pedals so what are you supposed to do for work while the car is being serviced?

Smash Masters Collision Repair is proud to announce our brand new service – dual pedal replacement cars. There is no need to suspend your lessons when you bring your car to us. While we’re performing our complete car maintenance checks, you can continue to teach your students and help them prepare for their tests in one of our brand new dual control cars. To find out more about this service designed exclusively for driving instructors just like you, contact Smash Masters Collision Repair today. We have shops in Geelong and Laverton, conveniently located for you!

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